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A story of friendship, love and taste!




TOP stands for The Original Pinsaria. Our goal is to offer an authentic Italian experience reinvented in a super fast and casual concept. In less than 3 minutes from ordering your Pinsa and Pasta are ready to enjoy!

We are Italian and our restaurant has been built with Italian roots. We are proud to bring to the US our Pinsa, whose rare combination of delicious taste, digestibility and healthy ingredients allowed our crust to win multiple World Pizza Championships.



Our mission is to play a pivotal role in the development of pizza in the United States by serving high quality Pinsa crust along with fresh toppings.

Pinsa has proven its worth worldwide due to its extravagant balance of flours and mother dough that is rich in innovation yet rooted in history. Pinsa has become so popular because it's healthy, it doesn’t take as much time to prepare and it's incredibly versatile and delicious.

We want to spread awareness and knowledge about this incredible dough that can truly change the perception of pizza and how it should taste. The United States is a ripe market with health-conscious families and Millennials demanding different experiences. Pinsa is the next generation of pizza.

top values


This true family value is the foundation of any relationship inside

and outside the company


This quality helps

people keep their promises of being

candid with oneself

as well as others


This attitude is the pillar of listening to advice and ideas from colleagues

and customers to continuously improve oneself

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